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ReDAC 4G/IoT Datalogger

ReDAC Datalogger is a robust industrial grade controller that provides remoe data acquisition and control over 4G / IoT network.

Remote Monitoring
The Datalogger provides RS232/RS485 and digitial inputs to integrate with equipment to read live data and streams it to a central server. The ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness of GPRS makes it ideal for solutions such as environmental and security monitoring.

Real-Time data-feed
Data read by the ReDAC datalogger is streamed immediately to the server for on-line monitoring and notification ( e.g. if an alarm is detected, the staff can be immediately notified via sms, or an on-line report of the data can be generated immediately.

Reliable Transmission
ReDAC communicates with the server using a reliable protocol. If data is not received by the server ( for example a temporary disruption of GPRS service ), ReDAC is able to buffer the data and stream it back to the server once the service is recovered. This ensures that no data is lost.
ReDAC has a watch dog to ensure that in the event the GPRS modem is not responding, it has the capability of hard-resetting the modem and reconnecting to the GPRS network automatically. This elimiates the need for manual intervention.
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