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Enterprise Messaging System

WebExpress is a web based messaging system for mission critical notifications. It is designed with features for maximum effectiveness in mass recall scenarios.

WebExpress supports both manual messaging and automated messaging.

It provides web pages for staff to manually activate as well as manage contact lists and groups.

For automated notification, it provides interfaces such as web services, command lines and smtp interfaces.

Typical Usage :

Corporate Messaging
You can use WebExpress to send out sms to individuals or groups from anywhere in the network via the web browser.

Emergency Recall
For call centers and companies that require to recall key personnel quickly and effectively. WebExpress provides the functionality for the operator to easily start a recall and let the system handle the notifications and acknowledgements.

Enterprise Wide Messaging System
Aside from manual messaging, WebExpress can also extend its notification functionality to applications in the enterprise network. It has interfaces such as web services, FTP file and SMTP mail for applications to easily trigger notifications to recipients.

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