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What is iLink?  

iLink is an industrial grade 4G modem for the mission critical and demanding environment, such as telemetry, M2M communications, SMS application etc.

iLink comes with two interface options, Serial Interface and USB interface. You can choose whichever that suites your need.

Challanges of modems

In most communication applications, the key component is the GPRS modem, which requires it to perform reliably and virtually maintenance free.

For most industrial or mission critical applications, the modems are usually deployed in either harse environments or places where it is difficult to access( e.g. remote sites, data centers etc ).

Modems can and do hang up. It is only a matter of how frequent it happens.

And when that happens, chances are, it will not respond to any "AT" commands via the serial port. The only effective option is to physically turn off/on the modem.

While the task of restarting the modem may be easy, accesing the modem itself may be a challenge if it is located in a remote area,  or is running unattended.

How does iLink overcome hanging conditions?

We recognize the issues of hanging modems, and the difficulties in having to reset them on-site.

Which is why we have come up with an innovation called "RestartControl".

RestartControl is an innovative feature that allows your application to perform a hardware restart of the iLink modem.

It makes use of the hardware handshaking signal instead of "AT" commands because when the modem hangs, chances are, it will not respond to any "AT" commands.

iLink modem senses the com port hardware control to detect a restart command to perform a hardware restart, bringing it back to a normal state.
It is easy for applications to send this restart command. For more the technical details, please contact

What can RestartControl do for you?

If you are a software developer of applications that utilise a GSM modem for communications ( e.g. sending sms, remote dialup etc ), your application will have have the capability to perform a restart of the modem if it goes into an abnormal state.

The result is a much more robust and reliable solution. Your system can auto-recover without any human intervention!

What about 3rd party applications that cannot be modified to support RestartControl?

iLink comes with a DOS command prompt that allows you to execute ( perhaps remotely via remote control software ) that will perform a hard-reset of the modem. This reduces the need for you to go down physically to the server to reset the modem.

For example, you have an iLink modem that requires restarting.
With iLink, you can use remote desktop or ant remote control software to access the server and run the command prompt to restart the modem.

This saves you time to go down to the data center to switch off/on the modem.

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