WebExpress is a Web Based Messaging System that utilises SMS modems to send/receive message and VOIP services to make automated voice calls.

WebExpress is designed for enterprises with multiple departments / application that need a centralised system to send out notifications.

WebExpress provides both one-way messaging as well as recall messaging which can be used to broadcast messages to recipients and capture their responses. It provides a flexible administration of the call pattern (e.g. SMS 3 times, followed by voice calls etc) to cater to different recall requirements.

Aside from Web Pages for users to manually send out messages, WebExpress also comes with different APIs for application integration.

Depending on the load and requirement, WebExpress can be expanded to 16 modems.

For enterprises that require BCP, two WebExpress systems can be deployed. For such configuration, the contacts / data are synchronized automatically.
The modems can also be utilized across both systems for load-balancing as well as for fail-over purposes.