ECM is a cloud message messaging service that provides enterprise level SMS messaging.

This is for enterprises that require fast and reliable messaging.

Our infrastructure is designed with redundancies to ensure there is no single point of failure.

We work with various partners to ensure our service has the best level of quality in message delivery. All the infrastructure and routes are local and sms messages are not routed out of Singapore.

Enterprise with diverse requirements/systems that utilise a hybrid model where an Proxy On-Prem gateway for easy account management and reporting.

Our service is backed by 24×7 support to ensure your critical services are well supported.

We are ISO27001 certified to give you the assurance that your data is securely managed.

Aside from SMS, we provide push notification as an alternative to SMS. Recipients only need to download the app. Any SMS that is sent to the recipient will automatically receive a push notification. As push notification is substantially cheaper than SMS, this will translate to cost savings for you.